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Solar PV Backup Power

Backup Power

Life in our modern society is more and more dependent on continuous and stable electric power. Recent weather events like snow, ice, and thunderstorms resulted in many people in our region experiencing power blackouts for at least twenty-four hours – some much worse than that. If you do not want to be faced with such a situation, an automatic generator is the solution. (Portable models are typically enough to power plug-in appliances and lights, but not nearly enough for heat or central air.)

A permanently connected stationary automatic system offers a high power level and other advantages in fuel handling and automatic operation. They are the best answer to a long-term emergency. Although such systems are more expensive than portable and require professional installation, they do increase the value of a home; and they certainly give peace of mind to a small business owner.

Things that have to be considered for such a "genset" are: size, choice of fuel, location, and connection to existing electrical system.

If you would like for M3E to assess your site for a backup generator system, contact us, and here is what you should expect:

Sizing and design
All applicable permits
Complete project supervision
Start-up/commissioning by a factory authorized technician