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Digging & Rigging's new facility in Frederick equipped with large solar system

July 02, 2015
The new Digging & Rigging facility on Agro Drive has a 158.4 KW solar PV system featured the roof.  From the earliest planning stages of the new facility the owner had the designers incorporate the solar system.  That's the way to do it!

No PV System to Small!

May 21, 2014
This small residential solar system in Jefferson, MD consists of 12 solar panels and is a total of 3.3 KW in size. The PV array sits on the rooftop of the garage. This old style home has just added a new and efficient approach to generating electricity.

6.6 KW Residential PV System

May 21, 2014
A home located just off of Cearfoss Pike in Hagerstown, MD recently installed a 6.6 KW Solar PV System. This near south facing rooftop will collect the majority of the suns rays throughout the day.

Brand New Home Adds a Solar PV System

May 21, 2014
This beautiful new home in Keedysville, MD covered its rooftops with a large, 15.3 KW solar system. This PV system covers the roof of both the house and the garage. The 255 watt all black solar world panels give the system a nice sleek look.

Hamilton Nissan's PV Array

November 25, 2013
Hagerstown's local Nissan dealership is M3E's largest solar project to date.This system consists of 780 solar panels, covering the flat middle and southwest facing rooftops...

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