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Wind energy is a converted form of solar energy

Wind Power

Wind energy is a converted form of solar energy. The sun's heat causes portions of the atmosphere to warm differently. Hot air rises and cooler air is drawn in to replace it. The result is wind that has energy, some of which can be converted into electricity.

Issues to consider for a wind system:

Size of system required or desired
Zoning codes - minimum lot size, distance from property line, etc.
Access to winds (this is the biggie, of course!!)  A site needs unobstructed access to winds.  This probably means a high tower, more land, and a rural location.  There must be sustained average wind speed in order to generate much electricity.  Generally speaking, the shoreline and mountain ridges have "good wind" in the mid-Atlantic region.
Cost - system cost depends on size, height, and installation expenses.

If you would like for M3E to assess your site for a small wind system, contact us, and here is what you should expect:

Site visit and interview about characteristics of use, potential for production, and savings
Analysis of wind potential, site selection, tower size needed, etc.
Estimate of work to be done
Tax incentives, grants, and other incentive programs will be applied to your project as appropriate.
Quality installation of your new wind system
Energy production to offset your utility bill, and maybe even sell some back!

The American Wind Energy Association has excellent resources on their web site.