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Solar Installation at Sharrett Auto Stores in Hagerstown

"We were impressed with the ease and timeliness of our solar installation. M3E was a great help in processing all the grants and incentives for our project. Looking forward to another installation soon".

-- Will Perryman

Hamilton Nissan Solar PV feedback

199 KW Solar PV installation at Hamilton Nissan in Hagerstown.

"We are very happy with our solar installation. Working through the winter to get us up and running did not seem to be any problem for your team. The install is really great looking on the roof and on the ground. Your team did a super job on the readily visible part of our job, the inverters, neat and very professional looking. I am sorry people cannot see the solar panels, really looks cool and all lined up perfectly busy making power. We are also enjoying the savings on our PE bill, just as you said we would."

Rick Hamilton

Copyquik solar installation in Hagerstown

On September 29, 2010, the 30kW solar system that was installed by M3E at Copyquik in Hagerstown was commissioned.  Barry Martin, GM of Copyquik, is quite pleased with his new PV system.  A very good sign... in its first 2 months of operation the system has outperformed estimated kWh production by about 7%.  Barry is the kind of American businessman who will help us emerge from this energy age and into the new age as a stronger nation.  He already has a very efficient operation that includes high efficiency heat pumps and a T5 fluorescent lighting system.

Dr. Roza, Energy Efficient Lighting, Meadow Kidney Care

We are very, very pleased with our new energy efficient lighting at the Meadow Kidney Center.  During the analysis of our old versus new systems, Steve and Phil presented options and an excellent summary of what we could expect.  Their work was professional, clean, and unobtrusive… much of it during off-hours… so they would minimize impact on our operations during the installation.  We expect to enjoy significant savings over the years with our new system.  The project was efficient and problem-free, and I am quite satisfied.  Dr. Eli Roza